How to Green In NBA 2k21

By: Ramy Hassan, Reporter

NBA 2k21 introduces two new ways to shoot/green with a new meter never seen before. The first way is a never seen before R Stick aiming and the seen every year “Square” or “X” button on Ps4 and Xbox one. What is different is the way the shot meter looks this year, instead of the regular Jump meter we are used to in previous years. as the photos show the new two ways. this year instead of filling the meter to get a perfect release, or also known as “greening” you have to put it in the middle of the bar to green/release perfectly,  this year. for the R stick, R stick shooting applies a slight boost to greening your shot this year. so there’s now two ways of greening this year with this meter which you can pick from mid game. To use the R stick shooting you have to move it into the bar in the middle to green, you can also lock it in just clicked L2 or LT for an extra shot boost to green, if you think you got it in the middle. And that is how to green for NBA 2k21 for the Ps4, Xbox, Nintendo switch, and pc.

In this screen shot you can see that a perfect release, also known as a “green shot”

R Stick shooting perfect release.