Gamma Ray Blasts May Show That Some Black Holes May Actually be Doorways Through Time

Diagram of a wormhole.

Diagram of a wormhole. Source: Scientific American

By: Shrey Sharma, Reporter

New research shows that bursts of gamma rays could reveal that some huge black holes may actually be giant wormholes in disguise.

Albert Einstein
Source: Wikipedia

Wormholes are defined as tunnels in space-time that, in theory, could allow the ability to travel to anywhere in space and time. The first person to suggest such a thing was possible was none other than Albert Einstein, in his theory of general relativity. He states that large objects in our universe can actually cause distortions in space-time, which was later coined as a wormhole.

In many ways, wormholes and black holes are very similar. For one, they are extremely dense, and because of this, they have an extraordinarily powerful gravitational pull for objects of their size. However, there is one key difference; while it is impossible for an object to come out of a black hole after crossing the event horizon (the point where the speed needed for light to come out of the black hole exceeds the speed of light, therefore making it impossible for light to come out), wormholes are a different story. Theoretically, it is possible for any object to reverse course through a worm hole.

Pursuing the theory that wormholes are real, researchers started to study super massive blackholes, in order to find out how to distinguish black holes from wormholes. After some time, they devised a theory. Any matter coming through one of a wormhole’s mouths would travel at an astonishingly high velocity, due to the magnitude of the gravitational pull. In theory, if matter flowing from both mouths of a wormhole crashed together at some point inside the wormhole, the speed at which both masses would be moving would cause an explosion of

Black Hole
Source: NASA

plasma to be released at impact, and this plasma would expand out of both of the mouths of the wormhole. This event would never happen in a black hole. In addition, the searing temperature of the plasma (about 18 trillion degrees Fahrenheit or 10 trillion degrees Celsius), gamma rays with energies of up to 68 million electron volts would be released.

If scientists are able to detect these high magnitude gamma rays, then humanity may have just unlocked the key to time travel.