Early Jets


“Messerschmitt Me 262” by Kool Cats Photography over 14 Million Views is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

By: Zach Bloom, Journalist

Today I’m here to talk about the history of jet aircraft.  Jets are the but to learn about jet aircraft we have to go to the first usage of them. WWII was a revolutionary time for aviation and overall engineering so it is no surprise that the first were built during this time. The war was full of competition and really brought out the best engineers from every country.

“Messerschmitt Me 262” by Kool Cats Photography over 14 Million Views is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The first country that built jets was Germany. This is not suppressing due to the fact that they ha the best engineers in the world. before the war Germany was trying new designs new ties of technology to gain that superiority over the allies. the first jet was the Heinkel 178. while it was an innovation had many problems. It was complicated, hard to maintain, expensive and used a lot of gas. as the war went on the Americans and British tried to make jet fighters but they were underpowered and had the same problems as the Germans.

A real breakthrough in jet technology was the Messerschmitt 262. this aircraft was the first mass produced aircraft with a jet engine. it was the fastest in the world for its time and made way for people around to build new aircraft and connect people.