History of the Dodge Power Wagon


“54 Dodge Power Wagon 1 Ton Pick-Up” by Crown Star Images is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Fox Burton, Reporter

       From 1936 (WW2) onwards, Dodge created an all terrain 4×4 vehicle later known as the Dodge Power Wagon.  Half ton to full ton this truck came in a variety of  styles and sizes. Nearly unbreakable, this truck was used as a transportation military vehicle designed to carry as many soldiers, guns, and supplies as possible. During WW2, Dodge was flooded with war time requests. During the war, Dodge built 226,776 of this amazing truck.  After WW2 the Dodge Power Wagon was hunted down by former soldiers for its great quality and durability and soon became a very desirable work truck. Dodge realized the opportunity and quickly transformed their war time military truck into a work /farm truck designed for civilians. However, this early series of the Dodge Power Wagon had no name plate for earlier models . Later on in the March of 1946 when the sales floor for this truck was flooded the vehicle was finally recognized as the Dodge Power Wagon. The Dodge power wagon series ran from 1946-1968 until it was cut off.

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