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With the rebirth of 2018’s Among Us by InnerSloth, people have been racing back and forth to discover the best strategy for both the crewmate role, and the impostor role. However, some people aren’t even really sure what to properly do as an impostor. Most end up accidentally venting or eliminate a crewmate in front of another one, getting themselves caught and ejected. However, I am here to break this cycle of constant rage-quitting and getting yourself caught, by teaching you the ultimate strategy for the impostor.

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Ask for evidence if you are considered suspicious, and give evidence against crewmates.

Really often in the game, crewmates can drop accusations without any evidence or proof to back themselves up. By giving the crew evidence of your innocence and asking for the proof that your fellow crewmates have, you can easily turn your crewmates against one another, buying you more opportunities to eliminate the crew. Furthermore, by adding evidence of a crewmate committing a murder, you can stay safe while keeping your fellow crewmates at bay.

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Eliminate the lights.

People tend to really underestimate the effectiveness of taking out the lights in favor of trying to eliminate the reactor or O2 and immediately kill everybody, which, mind you, is super ineffective taking into account the amount of crewmates on the ship that can tend to the event. However, with the lights eliminated, the vision of the crewmates is limited; but not the impostor’s. The impostor can easily eliminate crewmates without disturbing the others if they are nearby, thus preserving their cover. Since nobody could’ve seen you kill them, you’re almost always eliminated from the “sus” roster.

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Value the life of the other impostor more than those of the crewmates.

You and your fellow impostors are all but two or three among the seven or more crewmates on the ship. A loss on their part is far less impactful than one of another impostor. Eliminating a fellow impostor could lead to the elimination of 50-33% of your whole team, which has the chance to be quite detrimental to the effort of eliminating the crew.

However, in the event of a fellow impostor receiving a majority vote against them or showing total suspicion, you must vote judiciously. Though there’s less of a chance of you winning, at least you are still alive to eliminate the rest of the crew. After all, one impostor is better than none.

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Choose your victims wisely.

Going for an easy kill with no witnesses is typically advised. However, as a game progresses there might be crewmates you want to make top-priority targets and others that you want to spare to help you blend in. Imposters can’t complete any tasks, which means tasks with visible animations (Clearing Meteorites, Empty Garbage, Prime Shields, and Submit Scan) instantly prove someone’s innocence. You want to eliminate anyone who has been seen doing these tasks because they are the most trusted crewmates in the game.

On the other hand, you’ll want to show mercy to crewmates that others may find suspicious even if you find yourself in a situation where you can eliminate them easily. This allows you to relieve early pressure, redirect accusations to a scapegoat crewmate, and even set up for a scenario where one crewmate needs to cast the deciding vote to win the game based on your evidence against the other crewmates.

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With these four steps, you will be well on your way to eliminating all of your crewmates and winning yourself the game, your new skills in deception and when to eliminate a crewmate greatly supporting you during your path to defeat the rest of the crew. Hopefully, for the rest of your times as an impostor, you will end your game with a victory.

This relates to engineering due to the fact that is must’ve taken the engineering design process to formulate this plan, and since the game itself required some form of engineering to create.

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