Arduino UNO-Based Smartphone Charging Controller

Read This To Learn All About How To Make A Phone Charger!


By: Aisha Telhan, Journalist

The concept of an Arduino UNO-based smartphone charging controller is simple, the power of the charger is based on the Arduino UNO and this is turned on with the power of relay (an electrical device, typically incorporating an electromagnet). After this step, the timer on this project begins and your phone starts charging.

Below is a video of how to build an Arduino UNO-based smartphone charging controller: this video will explain the materials you need to build the smartphone charger and put this project together visually

After watching the video, you might be wondering, what exactly¬† is an Arduino UNO? The Arduino UNO is an engineered¬† designed open-source microcontroller board.¬† The Arduino UNO are actually one of the basic engineered products ever made, they can read inputs, light sensors, twitter messages, and publish things online. Arduino UNO’s are made by Italian engineers and they are one of the smartest engineers in the world because they created something you can use in your daily lives.

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