Drones: Delivery Of The Future is Now


“Drone Delivery” by www.routexl.com is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Robert Martirosyan, Journalist

In the current situation of social distancing, the obtainment of essential goods like food and water and medical supplies have gotten harder, with even online deliveries spanning long periods of time to deliver. People still deliver these products themselves, still increasing the risk to spread bacteria and viruses. However, in recent years, various companies have found a solution to this common issue, and it involves something rather unusual to some: drones.

Drones are an extremely efficient form of delivery. Not only are they far faster than normal delivery trucks, they also can help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, reduce accidents, and reduce pollution in the air. They are far more mobile than the normal delivery trucks used by mail companies, and can travel to far farther areas than a normal mail truck can.

Not only are they more efficient than mail trucks, they can also save lives. For example, in Africa, where the area is torn by disease, war, and climate, drones can efficiently deliver supplies to help people survive and get the resources they need. Overall, drone delivery would great benefit our society through the various problems they solve, aiding us in many different ways and helping us avoid problems formerly caused by old methods of delivery.

Specific drones need to be designed for each specific kind of delivery, with different kinds of engineers teaming up to plan out and build these.