Kuri the Robot Nanny


Meet Kuri, the adorable home robot. He looks like a mini Baymax, except he doesn’t have advanced medical capabilities. But he does act as a nanny. He has many features that make him ideal for the job. Kuri has touch sensors that allow him to respond to human touch. Image result for kuri the robot nannyIn addition, he can use his dual cameras for a variety of purposes, including live streaming and regular sight function. Kuri can also act as a speaker to stream podcasts and music. Kuri’s four microphones help him to pick up sounds and react to your voice, as well as unfamiliar noises. Mapping sensors help Kuri to learn the layout of your house so that he can avoid obstacles. His quiet engine and large wheels help Kuri maneuver on many flooring types, including tile, hardwood, and even carpet. Kuri’s powerful processor helps all of these amazing features to function. On top of it all, the processor can also handle facial and speech recognition. To conclude, these amazing features help Kuri to function as an efficient robot nanny.

This story relates to engineering because the engineers who created Kuri had to use the engineering process to find solutions to the problems they faced while developing it. They also had to develop the processor, cameras, microphones, and all the other features Kuri has for him to be fully functional.

Source- Hey Kuri

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