Brawl Stars (Gem Grab, and Duo and Solo Showdown)


License: Public Domain Dedication (CC0) Some rights reserved by repunzel17 In game match

By: Lucas Riedel, Journalist

Brawl Stars is a mobile game that has different mods such as 3v3 Gem grab where you fight other brawlers, and you collect gems that fall on the ground from a hole, you pick them up and if your team has 10 ten then a countdown starts and you try to survive for 15 seconds with your gems. Next there is solo and duo showdown. In solo showdown you spawn in random spots with 10 other people and you battle each other and while you battle there are power points you get from boxes or they also drop from another player that you kill (the more power points they have the more they drop). Also there is duo showdown which is the same thing but you have a teammate and there are 5 teams. This is related to engineering because they used engineering for the phone you play on, and the making the game took engineering.