How to teach your dog to roll over!



By: Roberto Rojas, Journalist

1 step: Tell your dog to lay down in front of you.

2 step: Kneel beside your dog and hold a small yummy treat to the side of his head near his nose.

3 step: Move your hand from his nose toward his shoulder luring him to roll flat on his side.

4 step:Now continue the movement of your hand, holding a treat, once he is lying flat, from his shoulder to his backbone. This should cause him to roll onto his back.

5 step:Continue the moving the treat hand so he rolls onto the other side.

6 step:When he is consistently following the treat all the way around in a “roll over,” add the verbal cue “Roll Over.”

6 step:Gradually reduce the hand motion and treat lure, until your dog can perform the trick on just a verbal cue.