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Alienware Concept UFO

March 11, 2020

The Alienware Concept UFO is Alienware’s new gaming console unveiled at CES 2020. It is Alienware’s modern version of the Nintendo Switch. With an 8 inch screen, detachable controllers, 1200p resolution, 50 fps, and an Intel 10th generation Core processor, this is a true gaming machine. What makes this different from the Nintendo Switch is that in general, it is better for gaming, and it can play pc games on it. With its all-white with black buttons and illuminated thumbsticks, the console has a real Alienware feel to it. It is similar to a Windows 10 PC into a portable and handheld console. Although it is only a concept and hasn’t been released yet, could it be the Nintendo Switch of the future? Engineering made the Alienware Concept UFO possible.

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