Source – Fastest-monowheel-motorcycle-WarHorse_tcm25-442775
Source – Fastest-monowheel-motorcycle-WarHorse_tcm25-442775

Fastest Mono-wheel Motorcycle

March 12, 2020

A mono-wheel motorcycle is a very interesting vehicle with outstanding features. It has one large wheel that goes around the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, there is an engine and the rider. The rider must have careful control of the vehicle by using the throttle and having perfect balance. A UK Mono-wheel Team set a staggering world record speed of 61.18 mph. The vehicle was able to break the world record at Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire, UK. The UK Mono-wheel Team had four engineers that have been building this motorcycle since 2010. The team had to face many challenges in the creation of this vehicle. One of the problems they had was that sometimes the rider will accidentally loop around with the outer wheel instead of remaining at the base of the vehicle. The previous world record was 57 mph and it was achieved by Kerry McLean, who is considered to be the pioneer of the mono-wheel motorcycle. This relates to engineering because it has many mechanical parts that must work together to allow it to achieve fast speeds while staying balanced.


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