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Samsung The Wall MicroLED TV

March 11, 2020

Samsung has unveiled its new MicroLED TV at CES 2020, The Wall. Ranging from 146 inches to 292 inches, it is one of the biggest TV’s out there. The MicroLED TV has 4k and 8k resolution options and a new MicroLED display. MicroLED produced more vibrant colors and deeper blacks, with ultra-low reflection. It also has a staggering brightness of 2,000 nits. The TV has a borderless display, making it look like all screen. Along with all those features, it is also dust resistant, water-resistant, shock-resistant, energy-efficient, and ESD Safe. The TV can be shaped and customized to fit any buyer’s needs. With all those features comes a hefty price tag, with the more prominent models reaching into the six figures. Engineering made this TV possible.

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