The Most Powerful Explosion in the History of the Universe Came From A Single Black Hole


This is an image of a black hole. PhotoSource: NASA

By: Shrey Sharma, Journalist

About 100 million years ago, a black hole located at the center of the Ophiuchus cluster, almost 400 million light years away from Earth, erupted. The single blast let off almost 100 billion times the amount of energy that the sun will let off in its lifetime. To give you an idea on exactly how much energy that is, the sun gives off 430000000000000000000 joules of light a year, and is expected to have a total lifetime of around 15 billion years. That’s a lot of energy. In 2016, researchers noticed a crater in the region that was caused by this powerful eruption. This excavated region is over a million light years across. This relates to engineering because in order to discover this, deep space equipment was needed, and this equipment was created through engineering and design.




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