NANO1 World’s Smallest Astronomy Camera, Now Even Smaller


Nano1 Camera. Photo Source: Nano1 Kickstarter Promo photo.

By: Hashir Muhammad, Journalist

The makers behind the pint-sized Tiny1 camera are back with a new version, and while three times smaller, it is still more than capable of shooting the stars. As with the previous Tiny1 shooter, the NANO1 also lets you have interchangeable lenses, so you can take advantage of your DSLR lenses with an adapter mount.

NANO1 is the world’s smallest astronomy camera and was designed to allow more people to experience astronomy. It features an extremely compact body and still fits a dual mount interchangeable lens system (M12 & C mount). With a patented noise reduction algorithm, it improves the quality of low-light images.

The TinyMOS NANO1 improved on portability and resolution and supports a dual-mount lens system. In addition to that, it will come with a companion app that allows users to control the camera using iOS or Android smartphones. Not only that, the app will also allow users to download and share images.The Nano1 will come with its own set of lenses, with early bird prices starting at $389. The crowdfunding launch is expected to take place on Dec. 12 on Kick starter. The company will also sell adapters for Nikon, Sony and Canon lenses.