Apex Legends Season 4


Apex Legends 4 Screen Capture. Photo Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/apex-legends-voidwalker-event-adds-a-new-portal-to-kings-canyon/ Creative Commons

By: John Yao, Journalist

Apex Legends Season 4 is the biggest season to hit Apex legends. This season includes a new gun, a new legend, and a big change to the map. The new gun in this season is the sentinel, a powerful bolt action sniper rifle that can be supercharged with a shield battery. The map has been made much more dangerous, but the most awaited part if this new season is perhaps the new legend, Revenant. Revenant has the ability to cancel other legends tactical abilities with an emp – like grenade. His ultimate allows him to cheat death for 30 seconds, and if he dies he respawns at his totem. His teammates can also gain this ability by interacting with the totem. This season took a lot of software engineers to make, and should be fun to play!

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