NASA Mission Reveals That Mars is Seismically Active


This is an artist’s representation of the InSight on Mars. PhotoSource: NASA

By: Shrey Sharma, Journalist

On May 5, 2018, NASA launched its spacecraft, InSight. Upon reaching orbit, the InSight began to pick up a faint signal from beneath the surface of Mars. Closer inspection concluded scientists’ hypothesis; there are quakes on Mars.

Over the time that the InSight has been within range of Mars, it has recorded evidence of 174 seismic events all around Mars, including 20 or so with a magnitude of 3 or 4. While geophysics are being used to probe the deep interior of Mars, scientists have established that Mars is a seismically active planet.

This relates to engineering because engineers had to design and create the probe. They also had to launch it and make sure it got to Mars safely.