Source – Fastest-bumper-car_tcm25-467453
Source – Fastest-bumper-car_tcm25-467453

World’s Fastest Bumper Car

March 11, 2020

Collin Furze has built the world’s fastest bumper car. The bumper car is capable of going at a top speed of 100.336 mph and has a 600cc Honda motorbike engine. The car still has the original body and wheels to keep the original look of the bumper car. The car was also driven by Top Gear’s professional driver nicknamed “the Stig.” Collin Furze spent about three weeks trying to improve the bumper car to allow it to go at amazing speeds. He has also built multiple other world record breaking vehicles, such as the world’s fastest baby stroller. This relates to mechanical engineering because Collin Furze had to design a way to connect the new engine to the bumper car, allowing it to reach its world record breaking speed. In the video above, you’ll see the bumper car breaking the world record.


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