Movable Bridges



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By: Aisha Telhan, Journalist

Have you ever drove over a plain old simple bridge? You probably have at least a million times in your life, but engineers have designed something that makes driving over bridges more exciting. It’s called the movable bridge. Engineers have dedicated a lot of their time in creating the movable bridge. Here is a video explaining engineers impact on movable bridges:

The movable bridge is also a very strong bridge because whether the movable bridges are fully or partially opened, most of bascule superstructure bridge is out of vessel reach during collision, so it would not suffer considerable damage. Most bridges do not have these which is why the movable bridge is so unique.

How are movable bridges related to engineering? Movable bridges are related to engineering because in order for engineers to build movable bridges, they have to use the engineer design process. The engineer design process consists of…

1. Stating what you want to build or the problem

2. Generating ideas to solve the problem

3. Select the solution or idea

4. Start building the idea

5. Evaluate

6. Present Results

Engineers use this engineer design process to build movable bridges.  Without this design process, engineers would not be able to create movable bridges or anything related to engineering.


Here are some artciles related to movable bridges:

Types of Movable Bridges and their Construction Details