Why You Can’t Build Well.

Tips and Tricks For Minecraft Building.

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SOURCE: https://www.instructables.com/id/Minecraft-Starter-House-Tutorial/

The joy of building a Minecraft base is immense and great, bringing even the most basic of gamers together to build something amazing. However, there are many mistakes that Minecraft builders make when creating houses, buildings, and other builds, and I’m here to address these dos and don’ts, and a few questions along the way.

Don’t Make Your Builds Simple Cubes!

I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen a perfectly good idea ruined by such a simple mistake in Minecraft. If building a house or some-sort of building, the idea of simply keeping it a square or a rectangle with little to no interior is terrible for Minecraft building. Try to add stairs and different combinations of blocks and such, to turn your house from this:

SOURCE: https://www.fiverr.com/luke3007pc/build-you-something-in-minecraft

To this:

SOURCE: https://www.fiverr.com/luke3007pc/build-you-something-in-minecraft

As you can see, your house will be greatly improved and look much better if you add more detail. Cubes won’t impress everybody, you know.

Don’t Use Only One Block.


Houses that use a single block are not creative nor good ideas for a Minecraft house. They drag a build down by only featuring a single texture, as shown in the two houses above, and are overall not very impressive or interesting to look at. Adding a vast array of blocks to your home can create an amazing house and give you more creative freedom when you build. Your house can easily be transformed from the reformed house above to a masterpiece such as this:

Have A Good Selection of Blocks

A house completely made of gold and diamond blocks isn’t going to cut it. Like in a painting, you need a proper “palette” of Minecraft blocks to create a beautiful, sufficient build instead of a terrible looking one. A collection of stone, oak wood, and spruce wood, though containing less rare materials, would turn out better than a collection of diamond, emerald, and gold blocks due to the first palette containing a better mix of blocks, hence creating a better build.

These key and fundamental traits are great to take into consideration when building a Minecraft house. Happy building!

This is related to engineering due to its correlation with civil engineering and the promotion of creativity when engineering or innovating.


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