A New Way To Jetpack

“Stop Dreaming. Start Flying.” That is the company’s motto of the original water jet pack that anyone can use, and they nailed it!

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Jetpack over water.

Jetpack over water. Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/3ni3C9KHQvzPsjNi8

Just 9 years ago the first water-powered jet pack was made. This amazing activity is powered by a personal watercraft. The watercraft controls how high the person can go by speeding up or slowing down to adjust how much water comes out of the back and goes to the hose. The hose can go into a jet board, bike or pack.

A person flying a water jet pack off the docks of London.

Anyone can fly in the air too (as long as you are over the age of 12). The only requirement to fly is to pass a one-minute swimming test. Plus the maximum speed you could fall at is only 30 mph. So there is very little chance that it would cause serious injury.

This requires extensive engineering to figure how to find out the different angels that the tubes should be at. Or which materials to choose so that the flyer doesn’t fly away, as well as not being able to get out of the water.

You can fly up to 50 feet in the air as an expert. Imagine being 50 feet in the air and being able to control yourself with just your arms! You can sign up to fly one time for just 99$. Or if you already have a jet ski or P.W.C you can buy one for around 5,000 dollars.

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