What You Need To Know About Zofia In Rainbow Six Siege


By: James Flores, Journalist

Zofias Load out

Zofia is a Attacking Operator that has a gun named M762 this gun is a type of AR that does 45 damage, Fire rate is 730, Mobility 50, Capacity 30. Zofias Primary gun name is LMG-E, This is a really good Ar which you can Spray and Pray with it. This LMG-E does 32 damage, Fire rate is 720, Mobility is 50, and Capacity is 150. Zofia has a unique pistol that has a red dot on it. The reason why her pistol is unique is because she has a sight on her pistol and not many operators have sights on there pistols. Pistol Damage is 32, Mobility 50, Capacity 15.

Zofias Special Ability and Gadgets

Zofias Special Ability is that she can revive her self by holding Square if you play on PS4 but if you play Xbox you hold X. When Zofia revives her self she gets up and gets 5 hp. Zofia is the only operator on attacking that can revive her self. Zofia has 2 Gadgets one is named Breach Charge and the other is named Clay more.

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