What To Expect From Rainbow Six Siege Year 5


By: Daniel Sanchez, Journalist

Here are the most recent leaks for Rainbow Six Siege year 5 operation Void edge.

For year 5 season 1 there will be 2 new operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege year 5 season 1. The defending operator will be able to run through soft walls and jump through hatches to make easy rotations.His load out will consist of a mp5 and a spas-12 for his primary, His secondary’s will be a USP40 pistol and a bailiff 410 revolver.

The attacker will be able to control a hologram unlike Alibi but we don’t have enough information on what her hologram is able to do. The attackers primary’s consist of a G36c and a ARX200 and her secondary consist of a MK1 9mm pistol.

There will be a new map coming to Rainbow Six Siege and Ubisoft will be adding a 2 new features which consist of a new replay feature and a chance to ban maps. It was leaked that tachanka might be getting a rework and will be able to use his mounted turret as his primary weapon. There will be 6 new operators this year instead of 8 which we normally get.


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