Going to the Sun? NASA – European Space Agency Solar Explorer


Solar Explorer. Source: NASA, E.S.A.

By: Adam Ismail, Journalist

The E.S.A probe was built by the European Space Agency science and technology probe is headed towards the sun. It started its journey to the sun last week, and the probe is aimed at being less than 1 million miles from the sun – in comparison, Earth is 93 million miles from the sun. The engineers at E.S.A who built the spacecraft hope to collect new information about the sun to further our intellect. It has many ingenious mechanical innovations, but the trickiest thing E.S.A had to deal with is aiming the rocket into the correct position of orbit. To do this, they expect to flyby Venus and use it’s gravity to slingshot the spacecraft onto the correct orbit. How cool is that…

Image result for esa probe
An artists impression of the Solar Explorer. Photo Source: NASA, E.S.A.

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