All About Monster Jam

Monster Truck jumping. Photo Source: License Attribution Some rights reserved by SurFeRGiRL30 from

By: Shaan Bhaskar, Journalist

Monster jam is a world wide monster truck league. It features some very cool monster trucks and whenever the have a monster truck rally they have a little tournament. In the mini tournament the monster truck compete in seven challenges. One of the challenges is the two wheel challenge where all the trucks do there best to do as many tricks on two wheels as they can. The people who vote are actually the fans. They go on to a website called and then they vote from 1 to 10 1 being really bad and 10 being absolutely amazing. Another challenge is the doughnut challenge where the drivers try to do there best doughnuts to win the challenge they fans also vote for this one. The next three are either atv, dirt bike, or mini kart races. They basically rage around the dirt and the winner gets 8 points. The winner from each challenge gets 8 points and the truck with the most points wins the mini tournament. And a certain amount of monster trucks with the most mini tournament wins goes to the Monster Jam Finals where trucks battle it out to see who the ultimate winner is.

This relates to engineering because they build and paint these trucks and even sometimes the drivers are the engineers build and design these trucks which I think is really cool. And for some of the monster trucks the paint job sometimes takes days to paint its and put all of the detail on tho that monster truck. I have a lot of respect to the drivers that design build and paint their own truck.