A Jump To Hyperspace

Hyperspace from Pinterest

“Hyperspace” from Pinterest

By: Isabel D'mello, Journalist

“The Millennium Falcon” from LEGO Star Wars

Tie fighters are chasing you, quickly jump to hyperspace! Wait, you don’t know what that is? Hyperspace is the dimension in which starships travel through in order to get to a destination in realspace or normal space. It shows up multiple times in the Star Wars series as the favorable form of travel. The use of Hyperspace has greatly affect the universe in which Star Wars takes place, the ability to travel to other solar systems that quickly plays a big role on trade and industrialization. The question remains: is it possible? Shortcuts through space might exist, in the form of wormholes, and it could be that creating these shortcuts starships are able to travel to a distant destination in a much quicker way. Hyperspace is still a mystery to the current world, but as humans unveil possibilities more secrets could be uncovered.

This relates to engineering because it is a futuristic invention that aids space travel. This was achieved by the engineering of the hyperdrive, which is what manipulates the particles of the starship and allows it reach the speed of light while keeping the ship intact.

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