The US Air Force B-21 Stealth Bomber Is Now Known As The Best Stealth Plane In The World


B-21 Stealth Bomber. Photo Source: DOD

By: Lucas Georgelas, Journalist

The b-21 stealth bomber in a flight test. Photo Source:

The United States Air Force has recently announced the new release of the B-21 Stealth Bomber. The plane is designed to infiltrate some of the world’s best air defenses and radar systems. The bomber was built to replace the US army’s old aging bombers. The plane is able to fly 19,000km without a refill. Which means it is able to fly anywhere in the world without stopping. The planes are built by Northrop Grumman. And the US plans to buy at least 100 more for about 975 million dollars each.

The B-21 Stealth bomber has some incredible capabilities such as it being able to infiltrate and pass through some of the world’s best air defense systems. The technology used to do this unknown but it would pose a deadly threat to any enemy country. Another capability of the stealth bomber is its Fuel conservation system, the plane is able to travel halfway across the world and still have fuel to spare. And can reach a speed of 624 miles per hour! The new  B-21 stealth bomber is an incredible advancement in the technology of the US. And it will most definitely help the US win battles and wars in the near future.

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