Space X’s Raptor engine is a full flow staged combustion cycle methane fueled engine. This is a new type of engine and, this type of engine is very hard to produce.  This power cycle is a twin shaft staged combustion cycle that uses both oxidizer rich and fuel rich preburner. This allows both propellants to go through the turbines.  The oxidizer turbo pump is powered by  oxidizer rich preburner. The advantages of a full flow staged combustion is that the turbines can run cooler at a low pressure. Another advantage of this rocket is it has a longer engine life because of its increased mass flow.


Raptor engine

This raptor engine will e used in space X’s new space ship called Star Ship. The engine produces a total of 2 Mega-newton worth of thrust. Which means this engine can move a 2,000,000 kg object at 2,000,000 meters per second and, there will be 36 of them in Star Ship.

This is related to engineering because first, they had to come up with a design for the engines. Then they had to make it and test it and improve it, test it again and find problems to solve to make it better.

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