World Largest 3D Printed Boat


Picture of transporting the world largest 3D printed boat.

By: Pradeep Ravi, Journalist

The University of Maine created the world largest 3D Printed boat. The boat weighs 2.2 ton and is 7.62 meters long. The creation of this boat received 3 world records, the largest 3D printed solid part, the largest 3D printed boat, and the largest 3D printer. The people that created the world largest boat are thinking about creating a 3.6 meter long 3D printed communication shelter for the US military. You can watch the time lapse of the boat being built below!

This relates to engineering because many engineers had to work together to design a 3D printer that is large enough to build an entire boat. They had to decide what materials they use and how the 3D printer can use that material.

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