EyeDrive – A Holographic Car Display


Photo source – motor1.com

By: Sofia Sarria, Journalist

EyeDrive is a holographic car display you can attach to a car’s windshield. With EyeDrive’s advanced technology, it enables safer navigation and has other functions a phone has, including music control and phone calls, all while keeping eyes away from a smartphone! EyeDrive also comes with EyeDrive Gesture Control, which is a gesture sensor that detects your hand movement to preform an action. With EyeDrive Gesture Control, you can accept or decline a call, manage your music or activate the rear-view camera. In addition, EyeDrive is compatible with Google assistant and voice control. With voice control, you have the ability to make phone calls, get directions, find parking, and much more! The EyeDrive holographic display and other accessories and compatible with any car, so you can easily install EyeDrive by plugging it into any car’s 12v socket. Don’t hesitate to order your holographic car assistant, which allows you to stall 4.3 seconds on your reaction time. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially on the road!


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