Kiesel Type-X Guitar

February 12, 2020

The Kiesel Type-X is a brand new model from the Kiesel Guitar company. It was released late 2019 just before the NAMM music show in January. The guitar has a neck-through construction and comes in 6, 7, and 8 string models with a multiscale option available.

Type-X guitar. Photo Source:

Kiesel guitars are American made in their custom shop in California. This guitar has some very interesting specs, it’s a neck-through construction guitar, is headless (no headstock), and can have multiple different scale length across all of the strings. Since the guitar is made to order, there are numerous woods, colors, and neck options are available. There are even rare woods such as Buckeye Burl, Black Limba, and Koa wood. There are numerous neck options from three-piece all the way to a seven-piece neck. Kiesel offers extremely vivid burst colors like aqua-blue, green, dark red, etc. The Kiesel Type-X goes for a base price of $1,599 with seemingly unlimited options available.

This guitar relates to engineering because the designer and builder had to figure out how the headless tuning system would function, how to create a multiscale bridge, and the overall design of the guitar.

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Kiesel Guitars Type-X

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