Geocaching: The Worldwide Scavenger Hunt


Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt that is always open to anyone.  It’s a great activity to do with friends.  It requires knowledge and skill. To participate, you need to use a GPS (Global Positioning System) or an app.  You need to find the location of a geocache near you, and look around for it.  It could be anywhere – in a tree, under a rock, etc.  You may have found the location, but the geocache remains to be found.  That’s because they are often hidden in plain sight, so you need to look closely.  Geocaches are rated on a scale of how difficult they are to find, from one to five stars.

You can find more information on geocaching here:

This relates to engineering because somebody had to create the Global Positioning System, and somebody had to figure how to create the containers so they’re difficult to find and so they’re able to withstand weather.