Enomad Uno – The Portable Water Power Generator


The Enomad Uno is a water power generator that is portable. It can be carried around in a backpack, and is very useful for hiking, kayaking, and camping. All you need is running water to generate power. The water power generator can even work in slow moving streams and shallow water. The turbines turn by the water flow of the river as it is suspended into the water. It takes around 4.5 hours for it to fully charge.

The Enomad Uno stores enough power to charge any USB device, and can charge up to three smartphones. You can recharge the Enomad Uno as much as you want if you are near running water, and it can charge almost as twice as fast as the outlets in a house.

This is related to engineering because the developers had to create a portable water power generator that had to be light but also versatile.

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