Jewel Changi Airport


Just this year, a modern new airport called ‘Jewel’ opened in Changi, Singapore. Singapore is home to many beautiful structures such as The Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands, but the most spectacular of them all is the Jewel. The Jewel is a airport full of many attractions such as the skytrain, canopy park, rain vortex, and more. This airport also includes an 11-cinema IMAX theater, 4 story garden, and over 280 retail and food outlets.

A lot of engineering went into the Jewel. An example of this is how they get the water for the famous center piece of the airport, the rain vortex. They collect rainwater at the bottom of the vortex, and recycle it. They also use this excess water to water the plants in Forest Valley.

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Video with more information on the Jewel Changi Airport