Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458

How much is a Ferrari 458?

The 458’s base price starts right around $230,000, which places it among the most expensive performance cars available in North America.

How many Ferrari 458’s were made?

So, in 3 years, around 10,000 458’s would’ve been built. Therefore by 2015, around 15,000 units would’ve been built, as demand decreases over time!!!!

Ferrari 458

What does the Ferrari 458 stand for?

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engine sports car produced by the Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari.

Is a Ferrari 458 a super car?

There is a reason why the Ferrari 458 is not a super car and it is the same reason why the Ferrari 348 was not a super car. This brings me to the true super cars of today: they are called hyper cars.

How is the Ferrari 458 related to engineering?

The Ferrari 458 is related to engineering because it shows how the Ferrari 458 isn’t a super car. It also explains what the Ferrari stands for and where it actually came from. Finally, it explains how many engineered sports cars of this model was made.