A Suit That Helps You Walk And Run Easier


Scientists have developed an exosuit that helps you run and walk easier. Although there are other exosuits that assists you run or walk simpler, this one aids you in both activities. The suit only weighs around eleven pounds. While running and walking, the suit focuses on hip extension movements. A system is on the back of the suit can determine if the person is either walking or running.

Three schools have contributed to the development of the suit. These include, Harvard University, John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the University of Nebraska Omaha. A downside to this suit is that it lowers your metabolism rate. Compared to running or walking without the gadget, walking would drop your metabolism rate by 9.3%, and running would drop your metabolism rate by 4%. The scientists are currently trying to lower the weight of the device even further.

A person wearing the exosuit getting ready to run.

This relates to engineering because the scientists and engineering had to research, develop, identify a problem, work as a team, and solve any problems within their device. In engineering, you also have to research about your topic, develop a prototype, identify a problem, work together with your teammates, and innovate your prototype.


The article above talks about the exosuit more.

Watch this video to see how it works!