The First Bacteria Killing Robot


Have you ever been skeptical about your hotel bed sheets? All the bacteria and germs that may be on it? Well, CleanseBot is the world’s first bacteria killing robot that you can take on any of your trips! It’s portable, light, and useful.

CleanseBot is designed to kill bacteria on bed sheets. CleanseBot uses four ultraviolet lamps to accomplish this and glides over your sheets. The creators of CleanseBot created this product after a poor experience in a hotel and researching the cleanliness of a hotel. With a team of designers and engineers, they constructed the CleanseBot. They also raised almost two million dollars to fund this project. The price is starting at $99, which the creators say is a good price and worth it as the product kills 99.99% of E.coli.

This relates to engineering because they discovered a problem, assembled a group composed of engineers and designers, researched the topic, and found a solution to the problem. In engineering, you also have to identify the problem, research about it, and try to create a solution.

This article talks more about the CleanseBot.

This video demonstrates and explains the CleanseBot.