How Baseball Players Hit a 100+ mph Fastball


Part of hitting a baseball that’s going 100+ mph is Major League Baseball (MLB) players see the baseball much bigger than you do. This is a great quality to have because when the ball is bigger it is easier to hit because it’s a bigger target. It is pretty cool because the ball is a regular size but the MLB players are imagining the ball is bigger so they can hit it earlier.

Here is a website that further explains how they hit a baseball over 100+ mph:

This relates to engineering because the fastball that they throw has a certain grip. The pitchers arm motion determines the velocity of the baseball. This determines the speed that the pitcher throws. When all is that is close to perfect then the batter’s mechanics come in. As it was mentioned earlier, the batter sees the ball bigger. The batter’s swing has to perfect. The batters timing has to be the right time. Then, BOOM!! Line drive to center field.