Minecraft Tricks


Auto Fish Farm 

Enchanted rods,string,enchanted books,fish,name tags,leads and saddles these items are all the objects you could get out of the auto fish farm. The good thing is that you can use an auto clicker app to help you farm EXP and items while you are at school,eating dinner,using the bathroom,and even when you are on a vacation.

Water Elevator  

Water elevators are very useful to get to a high location in a short amount of time because of the quick precision of the machine. The most important thing is that the water elevator is very simple. The only down side this machine has is that it uses lots of glass blocks or whatever material you will be using for the perimeter of the machine. 

Sugarcane Farm   

Sugarcane Farms are very useful because sugarcane can be crafted into paper then players can trade with villagers for sword,foods,armor,etc.the only down side is that you need multiple iron ingots to make this machine    

This relates to engineering because minecraft is a game that shows people a fraction of survival and shows you how creative you can get. one main feature people should have to become a engineer is creativity.

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