Naval Ship Attack Strategy


Source: U.S. Navy

040520-N-0874H-010 Naval Station Mayport, Jacksonville, Fla. (May 20, 2004) – Her Majesty’s Ship HMS Invincible (R05) arrives in Jacksonville, Fla., for a five-day port visit before continuing on to Norfolk, Va., and New York city. Invincible, is the sixth ship of the Royal Navy to bear the name and the first of the Invincible Class of Anti-Submarine Warfare Carriers. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Charles E. Hill (RELEASED)

A naval ship is a military ship that is occupied by the navy. These ships are different from other ships because they have a different purpose and construction. Naval ships are armed with weapon systems and also have multiple sonar systems.

How is a Naval Ship related to engineering?

Most parts of a Naval Ship are engineered. Each defense and attacking mechanism has different engineered systems. In the control center, each computer and screen would have to be engineered. Each light and sonar would have to be engineered as well.

The cannons and the telescopes have to be engineered in order for the ship to stay safe and have proper navigation. Along with the cannons, Naval Ships have missile launchers and torpedoes for underwater combat.

This is a video on how a Naval Ship destroyed a smaller boat!

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