Slime That Will Protect Your Phone.

the black likes on the sides are the liquid.

the black likes on the sides are the liquid.

Smartphone technology has advanced a lot and with that came the risk of breaking the phone easily. The first phone’s intention was made to call. The phones were very durable, but now phones are very fragile. This is because people want phones that are fancier and made out of glass. Glass and newer material that’s now used increases your risk of it breaking. A new solution invented to solve that problem is phone cases made with technology that we use to make the phone cases have advanced with the phones, slime phone cases.

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This uses engineering because people engineered the design and they choose the best material that looks good and also provides safety for your phone . The fluid used in the case is called non-new tonic fluid (also called D30 )acts like a slime when it is stretched, but it can also act like a hard material when you put pressure onto it. The properties of the liquid allows it to protect the phone from the hardest impact. It is easy to use and and it will significantly decrease the chances of breaking your phone.