Tesla Solar Roof: An Innovation In Solar Roofs


In 2016, Tesla unveiled their latest creation: A solar array that consisted of little panels designed to look and act like a roof. The solar panels come in 8.65″x 14″ panels, each one costing a little less than 22 dollars, per square foot. The Tesla Solar Roof also has the highest ratings in its class against weather protection, including against wind and hail. It even beats the roof shingles found on normal houses. The Tesla Solar panels relate to engineering because they were engineered to be as efficient as possible no matter the weather outside.

https://www.tesla.com/solarroof (Tesla “Solar Roof” site)

The Tesla Solar Roof also comes with an off-grid “Powerwall” home battery which comes with reliable service and a 30 year warranty. It is also able to solely provide power when the grid is out. All in all, the Tesla Solar Roof is a futuristic invention.