Project Update: Day 11 #RocketCar


Today we finally set off the rocket car! The day started with us walking out to a tennis court and setting up a guide line. Our guide line was about 100 feet long. Next, we started setting up the rocket itself. We inserted the engine and attached the alligator clips to the igniter. After that, all we had to do was stand back and touch the wire to the battery to complete the circuit. When the countdown ended and we ignited it, there was a moment where nothing seemed to happen, and then… whoosh! The rocket car zipped forward, but after only a few feet a wheel broke and the car swerved off-course, causing it to snag on the line. Finally, after another second the car ejected the spent engine. We cleaned up and walked back to the workshop. Tomorrow, we will have to make a new design to improve our failed design.