#ScrewPropulsion Day 14, Testing Screw Vehicle


By: Sam Bennion

Today, we took out the vehicle for testing. We used rough terrain and a turf field to test the vehicle. Surprisingly, we found that the vehicle goes much faster sideways than forwards. I think that since the wheels are going in the same direction when moving sideways, they are faster than when the vehicle goes forwards or backwards. In this case, the wheels go in opposite directions. While the vehicle worked at first, we found that the pulley-like device was too loose, which caused one wheel not to work. The looseness was caused by the bracket made out of sheet metal that we used. Because it was so then, it bent towards the wheels. In order to solve this problem, we were lucky to find a Tetrix bracket which is much thicker than the one made out of sheet metal. Hopefully, it will work and make the vehicle stronger.