Electrify America


Electrify America is a company that has a plan to make electric cars be able to charge. They build charging stations all over America to make electric cars be able to gain electricity every where. Electric cars are gaining popularity all over the world. The only problem is the charging availability and range of these cars.

This group was founded in February of 2017. They are the result of the diesel scandal that was discovered a few years ago. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency ordered Volkswagon to create a group of people that would build charging stations all over the U.S. or take a heavy fine. They chose the previous.

They have to continue to create charging stations for 10 years before they can choose to stop doing this, if it is unprofitable. The charging stations are built in a way that interacts with your car so that you pay directly with a credit card that the car charges. The charging stations are supposed to be built in a way that doesn’t disadvantage any company or car. This is possible with adapters. So far around 200 stations have been built. This is a ten year project so they still have another 7 years to go.

So far they have lower volt chargers, but new ones will be coming out soon. They have contracts with car manufacturers and these allow Electrify America to make and create charging ports and adapters that will fit with the cars provided. One of newest car innovations is the Taycan that Porsche will be coming out with in 2020 or 2021. So far most of the charging ports that have been built are at a Walmart. One of Electrify America’s partners is Walmart.

One of the biggest competitors of Electrify America is Tesla’s charging stations. They are able to compete with Tesla because of the very large supply of money that they have from Volkswagon. Electrify America will make all of the adapters available for all cars, even competitors such as Tesla. The newest charger coming out will be the 350 kw charger. Most cars will not be able to use it. However, the Taycan will be able to.

By 2027, the last gasoline car from Volkswagon will come out. The car manufacturer with the largest amount of cars that come out per year is Volkswagon as well, so many of the cars in the U.S. Many other car manufactuers will do the same thing in the next decade or so as well I believe because it is not profitable to continue making gasoline cars when other car manufacturers have stopped.