Self Flying drone

Self Flying drone

By: Anthony Villota

Technology has evolved over time, from the old corded phone to the iPhone. When there is technology that is changing over time, there is always a change. But what if this change was artificial intelligence.

The self flying drone is a drone that relies on no controller, and voice automated, relies on itself to fly like a bird.

This drone will not be controlled by a controller, but will be directed to go wherever you want it to go. Also people will no longer have to worry for their drone going over the height limit because the drone will know not to go over the height limit.

The automatic voice will be voice controlled. Similar to Siri it talks on a piece of technology. Also the drone will be voice controlled, for example if you want the drone to return you say “return”. If you want it to go somewhere you say “fly”

This is related to engineering because its artificial intelligence and voice controlled.