Drilling Jahkar’s Frame


Today we measured and drilled holes for Jahkar’s frame. Using a drill press, we drill a small “pilot” hole, which allows for the larger drill bit to make a more precise cut. Also, one of the frame pieces did not fit properly with the rest of the frame, so we filed a bit off of it to make it fit. After that, we measured and marked where we needed to drill holes so that we could screw the frame together. When drilling the holes in the middle cross supports, we ran into a problem. Because of the shape of the support, there were pieces of metal in the way of the drill press. We used a handheld sander to grind away the extra metal so that we could finish drilling the cross-pieces to the engine. However, we realized that we had drilled the holes for the screws on the wrong side of one of the cross-pieces. Because of that, we had to re-drill the holes before we could properly attach it to the engine.