SpaceX Launches Passenger Ready Spacecraft


Are you a super space fan? If so, this new step to space exploration will excite you. SpaceX launched their first passenger operated space craft on Saturday, May 4, 2019. This spacecraft is supposed to be the start of commercial trips to space for the public. Also, this spacecraft will create a new perspective for many who were previously skeptical about space exploration and its benefits. I believe that this recent advancement will shine new light on information about space.

This important news has brought a lot of competition. Boeing, a well-known aircraft creator, has also been trying to put people in space by creating capsules for NASA astronauts. Big companies in Russia have expanded their space exploration as well. Lastly, countries around the globe are now starting their space exploration research because it could help us create a new civilization on a different planet.

The space studies shown have helped answer countless question that we as humans have about the creation of life. This advancement will also help figure out the possibility of inhabiting other planets in our and other solar systems. Many people are skeptical about space exploration because they believe it will amount to nothing but useless knowledge. This has brought great talk about the funding that NASA receives from the government and how it is wasting the taxes citizens pay. This is not true, because space exploration can help our species find a different planet to live in. This is highly necessary due to the rapid growth of population currently and the increasing pollution and global damage.

The spacecraft has also shown the beauty of space exploration by making commercial flights possible. This new outlook on space exploration has gotten great attention from people who like to travel and explore. The new advancement supports the possibility of inhabiting other planets with the use of technological aides. Lastly, it brings a new way of viewing space. This is because of the dozens of ways big companies are trying to get commercial flights to space. Some companies want to get people on the moon, while others are building telescopes and binoculars in their ship so that travelers can view the beauties of space.

This relates to engineering because the spacecraft was engineered to be able to withstand the heat of the rocket engine. Also, the spacecraft had to be engineered to withstand the harsh conditions in space and provide oxygen to the passengers. Also, the spacecraft contains hundreds of pounds of machinery that was released into space to conduct more research. Lastly, the people in SpaceX went through the engineering design process. They had to first ask themselves how they were going to initiate the project and what they are going to do. Next, they researched how to make the product and their conflicts. Afterwards, the scientists thought of possible designs for their spacecraft, planning how to make the spacecraft and what materials they would need. After that, they built a prototype, tested it, and observed its faults. Finally, they created a new design with improved features, built it, and their spacecraft was done!

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