#ScrewPropulsion Day 8, Screws Done and on Frame


By: Sam Bennion

After printing both ‘screws’ using the process described on day 6, we were able to attach them to the frame of the vehicle. In order to do this, a shaft was hooked through the central hole in the wheels. This shaft went through the frame and holds the screw to the frame. Bolts keep the shaft secure. In order for the screws to turn, gears connected to the motors will turn a gear connected to each screw wheel with the help of a rivet and a threaded screw. These gears will be connected with a pulley-like device similar to the chain on a bike. As soon as the motor can be secured, powered, and programmed for both screws, the vehicle will finally work. All in all, the screw wheels are secure on the body and will soon be connected to the motor through the chain.