Project Update #CNCSign:1


By: Milo Hartmann

Today we accomplished quite a bit. First, we used the USB stick that came with the machine, and plugged it into a desktop to download the VCarve Pro software. In order to download this software, we first needed to be logged into an administrator’s account. Then, we opened the file library and found the USB stick. Run.exe was opened when we clicked on it. It directed us to a page, with one half of it dedicated to NextWave, the makers of the CNC machine and Vectric, the software program company. We clicked on “download VCarve Pro 9.0.” Then, we were required to type in a 32 character license code, the registered user name which came in the same little box that our USB stick did. (I can’t show the codes on the box for privacy purposes and pirated software.) Next, we were able to download and open it. Now you are free to design and mess with the software to get whatever you want. First, I typed in the dimensions. Our sign will be 3-4 feet long, depending on the font that we use for the letters. It is also about 1-2 feet wide, also depending on which font we use.

We were also able to register the machine, but for some reason it did not work on the NextWave Automation website. We had to call the customer support line and they were able to register it for us. Once we registered the machine, we were emailed a code to type into the CNC machine that would unblock it and let it work. In order to register it, we needed two more codes that you can see on the little screen when you turn on the machine.